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Offshore service units and fixed platform design

This portfolio of activities is undertaken by a team of engineers and designers with practical experience of oil and gas, industrial and naval projects. This balance of oil and gas, merchant navy and industrial experiences enables to deliver the simplest solutions to a given problem.

The design capabilities of Principia combined to its expertise in numerical simulations and physical problems modelling makes it possible to build project teams combining simulation expertise and regular design skill. This helps reducing design times and risks for ships and offshore structures by integrating complex verifications at an early design stage.

In addition, Principia manages subcontractors for non-core business disciplines (like electricity, automation, HVAC) to offer clients the most extensive design solutions.

Our scope of services for offshore service units and fixed platforms design includes:

Principia has been involved in projects covering:

Principia uses state of the art proprietary software such as NSO-FASTRUDL™, ISYMOST™ and Diodore™ (marketed and developed by Principia) or ABAQUS™, PERMAS™, IDEAS™. CAD and drawing activities are mainly done with Inventor and Autocad.