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Renewable energies


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Involved for more than twenty years in offshore industry, PRINCIPIA takes advantage of its expertise for Marine Renewable Energies projects, such as Ocean Wave Energy Conversion, offshore and Onshore Wind Turbines, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

Possible activities of Principia at different stages of life cycle service:

Verification of design basis:
Analysis of environmental conditions with respect to expected performances, in compliance with guidelines and standard.

Feasibility study and design optimisation

Installation survey:
Monitoring and supervision at this phase for detecting possible defects

Commissioning survey:
Monitoring and supervision to check if the relevant system is practicable, in accordance with approved procedures.

Sample of projects Principia worked for:
SEAREV (wave energy convector), Vergnet SA (onshore wind turbine), DCNS Ocean Thermal Energy Project, Offshore Floating/Fixed Wind Turbine projects.