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DeeplinesTM - Global analysis of risers, moorings and flowlines


DeepLinesTM : Global Analysis of Risers, Moorings and Flowlines.

DeepLines™ is part of the marine software solutions developed by Principia and IFP Energies nouvelles. DeepLines™ is based on the finite elements method and forms an integrated software solution to perform in-place and installation analyses of a wide range of offshore structures including flexible and steel risers, umbilical risers, pipelines, floating hoses and mooring lines. The software package combines a powerful finite elements engine featuring advanced modeling capabilities with an intuitive user interface offering optimum productivity through multi-threading.


DEEPLINES in Brief (643.2K)



Type of analyses

Main features

User interface



Specific features

Coupled analysis
Multi-bodies fully coupled analyses with risers, mooring, and any other connections (yoke…)

DeepVIV module

DeepVIV in Brief (222K)

DeepFatig module

Post-processor to determine the fatigue life of a riser,


Setup application and release guides for DeepLines may be downloaded directly from the links below. It is advised that you read through the installation guide before running the setup so as to make sure that the software will be properly installed on your machine.

Installing the software without license file can be useful for model verification purposes or presentation of results to your clients. The user interface could still be opened without any valid license file, however you will not be able to save any changes to your models or perform analyses with the FE engine.


License files have been updated to meet the requirements of Version and ensure that multi-threading is available under all circumstances. These new license files are not compatible with Version 4.5.1 and former. Compatibility of these versions with the new license files may be ensured by installing appropriate dynamic link libraries (isycntrl.dll file) on every end user machine. This file must be downloaded and copied in the “Exec” folder which contains all other executable files.

Technical Support

Best in class client support is provided by email at deeplines@principia.fr. Our team of experienced risers design engineers will always be pleased to bring timely responses to all your queries.


Certified by Bureau Veritas based on

Continuously validated

Model tests trough projects or JIPs

Licences : more than 50 licenses worldwide

  • TECHNIP Group - Worldwide
  • TOTAL - France
  • JP JENNY - Aberdeen
  • IFP - France
  • AREVA R - France
  • TRELLEBORG - France
  • SAIPEM - Paris
  • SUBSEA7- France
  • IFREMER - France
  • Ecole Centrale Marseille - France
  • DCNS - France

Complete offshore system

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